5 Reasons Why The 2011/12 Season Will Be One To Remember

Posted: June 10, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Champions' League, England, English Premier League, Random, Transfers

This season has been one to forget for many teams but 2011/12’s campaign is looking much more entertaining.


1. Liverpool’s rebuild:

The implementation of Carroll, Suarez, Henderson and possibly now Clichy could really boost the chances of Liverpool gaining something big this season after two disappointing campaigns in 2009/10 and 2010/11.  Add in Dalglish who brought Blackburn the Premier League in 1995 and we could very well be witnessing a winning formula.

2. Swansea’s hunger to prove themselves:

Being the first Welsh team to face the Premier League, there will no doubt be a huge amount of pressure for the Swansea lads to perform. Talisman midfielder Scott Sinclair could prove the difference between staying up and going back down again.  The loss of a certain Fabio Borini, who is off to Parma, is also something Swansea fans will not want to be thinking about.

3. Arsenal’s ‘potential’ major money moves:

The Gunners have been linked with Benzema, Gervinho and Gary Cahill, but will Arsene splash the cash to try and salvage

that much wanted trophy they’ve been drooling for? If he does, don’t write off Arsenal for winning some sort of major trophy.

4. Chelsea’s £50m project:

The bottom line is that if Chelsea can get the Torres clock ticking, it will be the breath of fresh air that is needed. Add in some creativity for the Spaniard and expect in excess of 20 goals from him next season (More on this over the weekend from George Jennings).

5. City’s squad rotation having qualified for the Champions League

They won the FA Cup last season. Can they improve on that in the 2011/12 season? One factor that could prove difficult is rotating the massive squad that Mancini has at his clutches. He has enough talent in his ranks but whether he can take City from ‘big signings galore’ to a ‘team’ remains to be said.



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