Fernando Torres; To Be or Not To Be?

Posted: June 11, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Chelsea, England, English Premier League, Guest, Random, Torres, Transfers

Many of us have our opinions on Torres. Whether they be good or bad. But can he rediscover the form that once made him the deadliest striker on the planet?  Here George Jennings gives his take on the man they call El Nino.


So, I wonder how many of you were disappointed when Fernando Torres was purchased in January?  I for one was delighted; could not believe it, as I bet every other Chelsea fan felt, with a 50m price tag you are always going to be under pressure and maybe he has not got to terms with it in his time at Chelsea. For me however, the first mistake we made with Torres was playing him against Liverpool for his debut .

As if there was not enough spotlight on him, we decide to pick him to start. He was never going to play well in that game. There was too much riding on the whole situation. Coming to a side in January is never easy as we all know, it’s proven players tend to struggle. People also love to jump on the band wagon which at Chelsea we are accustomed to as people are jealous of our success!

Everyone wanted to have a go at Torres for moving and when performances didn’t start with a bang, the media’s pack of dogs took little time in undermining a terrific footballer with their fickle assessments of him. We all know this did not help Torres or our club at all. In the crucial run in too much pressure was on Torres, as well as Ancelotti, to produce a winning formula for Torres without results faltering which ultimately I believe, cost him his job.

We also have the Drogba/Torres conundrum which, I think we can say it, doesn’t seem to be working. Over the past few years we have built a team around Didier’s strengths so therefore Torres was never going to slot straight into the way we play.  I feel sorry for Drogba as he has been made to look bad but it’s just a fact you need to play one or the other and let’s be honest Roman didn’t pay 50m for Torres to be a bench warmer!  With a new manager due to come in, I feel he needs to build a new fresh team around Torres and give him a playmaker to get him the ball and read his runs (i.e Sneijder or Modric).  Give Torres a player like that you’ll get the results. At Liverpool, he had Xabi Alonso. In the national side, he has Iniesta, Xavi and Alonso. But at Chelsea, he doesn’t have that type of player. Our midfield is a dominant strong midfield; we need some flair and someone to spray the balls to Torres (that is the key factor I feel will get the best out of Torres). With a good summer break, with the media off his back and no football to worry about, in pre-season, he will come back with a clear head and as a different man. He needs to feel loved and once he is the main man again, we will see the best of him. But a playmaker is really essential to his game. I also feel a partnership with Sturridge would be good and we can get Chelsea’s number 9 back to where he belongs… the top! I am throwing it out there: I believe he will start next season on fire and he will break the 20 goals barrier.

Believe in El Nino!


Written by George. You can follow him on Twitter @GeorgeJennings

  1. Monal says:

    Gr8 i believe too he will break 20 goal barrier this season

  2. Derek says:

    I agree about lack of creativity but as a Blues fan I’m still not convinced some added flair will help. He looks dis-interested and feeling sorry for himself. He hadn’t played well in 18 months before we signed him.

    I’ve a bad feeling about the transfer, but I really hope I’m wrong!

    I don’t think Drogs should be cast aside so early, he has plenty in the tank yet.

  3. Abd'Hafeez says:

    I really hope he scores a lot of goals.to do that,he needs to believe in himself.we also need a playmaker as he doesnt seem to receive the kind of passes he gets in liverpool

  4. Chad says:

    Although I agree with most of this, I think Torres needs to be more positive in front of goal. When comparing Drogba and Torres since Torres joined there isn’t a lot of difference in game time played. However, Drogba has had twice as many shots. Drogba is clearly not afraid to shoot. Torres on the other hand is reluctant to strike from outside the box. Also, Torres had some pretty good chances to score if he had been able to get the ball under control quicker. This is surely a confidence thing though, and a good pre-season should help sort this out.

    I predict 19 goals for Torres next season.


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