Do Not Write Liverpool Off

Posted: June 13, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Champions' League, England, English Premier League, Liverpool, Manchester United, Torres

As much as I want the FFW blog to be unbiased, we all have to admit that Liverpool have been a bit down trodden in the past couple of seasons.  Poor league finishes, lack of Champions’ League football and some truly shocking FA and Carling cup results.  But it would seem they are beginning to put all of this behind them, which leads me to say that they will be major title contenders for next season.

Fernando Torres’ transfer to Chelsea seems to have brought a new lease of life back to Liverpool along with that spark that they so sorely missed.  It looked as if a huge weight had been lifted from their shoulders.  £50 million richer, they wasted no time in splashing out on Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll in quick succession; there are also strong rumours that Liverpool will bring in Jordan Henderson and even battle Manchester United for Phil Jones, to join the ranks at Anfield.

What’s more they have also seen fit to promote a few youngsters from their very own youth system.  One could say that everything seems to be on the up for the Merseyside Reds.

Now down to the nitty gritty.  Many will have taken a close eye to Liverpool’s end of season form.  And rightly so.

If their closing spell with 34 points from 18 games had been stretched from the start of the season, Liverpool would have been perched on the same amount of points as Chelsea in second place (71).  That’s just an “if” though.

Luis Suarez has already commented on next season: “We’ve been playing well and I think we’ve been getting into the type of form that we know we’ll have to keep up for a whole season if we want to be title contenders”.  So, it looks like he believes they can battle for the title and gain some silverware.

However Gerrard took a more down to earth approach by saying that as much as he wants to captain Liverpool to some silverware, he “doesn’t want to raise expectations” by saying that such a thing will happen.

All in all, it’s safe to say that after a poor couple of seasons, Liverpool will really push to be major contenders for the Premier League while also simultaneously attempting to get their feet back into the Champions League.  Watch this space.


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  1. It depends on what they do this summer, they really need some quality wingers, young would have been ideal, if they get 2 good wingers and a LB then i would nt be surprised to see them up there..

  2. Derek (@fattyfoulke) says:

    It will take a few years of building a team and good transfer activity before they can challenge for a league in my opinion – they have the bones of a good side but currently have too many average players. Need a LB, a CB, a CM and a winger.

  3. Abd'Hafeez says:

    Liverpool would definately be contending next season but i don’t see them winning the title though.A top 4 finish would be more realistic.

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