Andres Villas-Boas; A Genius Returns

Posted: June 23, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Andres Villas-Boas, Champions' League, Chelsea, England, English Premier League, Guest, Transfers

With Andre Villas-Boas poised to take the reins at Chelsea, I have decided to look at a number of factors which willdetermine whether he will be a success or not. Of course results and trophies will be the determining factor, but there may well be a few underlying issues that have to go the young prodigy’s way if he is to fill the trophy cabinet and avoid Roman’s wrath.

Coaching Ability

With some of the egos at Chelsea, they may not look too favourably at a 33 year old former scout becoming their new boss. At the end of the day, this guy used to hand out scouting DVD’s to them under Mourinho , he’s the same age as Drogba and Lampard – now he’s their manager. However, I believe that he will be given a chance to win them over and I think within a matter of weeks this will be achieved. By all accounts, Villas-Boas has revolutionary training regimes which will keep the top players motivated and most importantly entertained.


Villas-Boas is an excellent communicator who will get his points across without anything being lost in translation, something that perhaps Ancelotti struggled with after Wilkins got the chop. He will also be an ally to the Brazilian players who are still finding their feet (Luiz and Ramires) and due to the common language will help bring these players on and fulfil their potential. He will have buy-in from all players and they will all understand 100% what is required of them, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient machine on the pitch.


Chelsea clearly need 2 or 3 signings, regardless of who is going to be manager. Last season with Porto, Villas-Boas played an adapted 4-3-3 formation. Chelsea do not have the players to compliment this formation. Chelsea need to sign a winger (or two) and a creative midfielder to help Villas-Boas replicate his tried and trusted formation. Saying that, I believe this guy has a book of tricks that he can adapt to most situations. He is a student of the game and a real innovator.

Strong Director of Football

This, for me, is perhaps the most important issue. Villas-Boas needs a Director of Football in place who is going to stand side by side with him and buy into his ideas, not another Churchill insurance dog who can’t stop nodding his head when Roman says something… Ooooh yes.

Easier said than done – who will challenge Roman, or more importantly, who does Roman trust and take advice from? All roads seem to point to Guus Hiddink. Now it looks like Hiddink is staying with Turkey but I believe (and hope) he will take over the role after the Euro Qualifiers end in October. He is a strong personality with sway over Roman, and can act as a shield for Villas-Boas should he need him to. Baring in mind that Villas-Boas is still young and effectively learning his trade, Hiddink will be a generous and valuable mentor for the young Portuguese.

At 33 years old and with one full season under his belt, is Villas-Boas a gamble? Well, isn’t every managerial appointment a gamble in some way, nothing is ever certain in this beautiful game…..


Written by Derek.  You can follow him on Twitter @fattyfoulke

  1. Kevin Kendellen says:

    I will never listen to a man who has failed his driving test 10 times.

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