What a load of Fabregas…

Posted: July 1, 2011 by derekorourke in Arsenal, Politics, Spain, Transfers
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Call me a cynic or even a conspiracist, but I for one don’t think Barcelona actually want Cesc Fabregas. They have been linked with the Catalan native for three years now and the whole “will he won’t he” question is starting to get a bit protracted at this stage. So, why the scepticism?

Well, since Barcelona first declared an interest in Fabregas in 2009, the interim has seen them buy David Villa for €40m, Javier Mascherano for €25m, Adriano for €10m, and Ibrahim Affelay for €3m. That’s a combined total of almost €80m spent on new arrivals. Barca are also reportedly close to reaching an agreement with Udinese to sign Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez for a fee in the region of €35m. All the while they are saying that they cannot meet the sum demanded of Arsenal.

Ok, what else? As we all know, politics is rampant in Spanish football as club presidents get elected by the fans. Fabregas is Catalan and is very much considered one of their own. Since Cesc started making noises about returning home, the Barca fans have craved the homecoming of the prodigal son. So, being politically minded and knowing he needed to stay on the fans side, club president Sandro Rosell declared an interest in Fab. 3 summers, 5 transfer windows and a hell of a lot of expensive signings later, Fabregas is still at Arsenal. Barca clearly could have (and possibly still can) match Arsenal’s valuation if they really wanted him.

But why wouldn’t they want him? For a number of reasons; firstly, where would he fit in the current team? Would he get in ahead of Xavi or Iniesta? He doesn’t for Spain, does he? You may say he could play instead of Busquets, but that’s not Fab’s position and people underrate what Busquets does for Barca, but that’s for another day.

But isn’t Xavi pushing on? Yes but he still has at least 2 or 3 years at the top left in him. And let’s not forget Thiago Alacantra. This boy has received a bit of press recently and rightly so – he can go on to become as good as Fabregas if not better and will cost absolutely nothing.

All in all, I believe that this saga is the produce of some clever politics by Barcelona’s hierarchy to keep the fans smiling while they go out and sign players they actually need and want. However, if Fab became available for €20-25m, that might just change.


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