The State of the Blues (Part 1)

Posted: July 19, 2011 by derekorourke in Arsenal, Chelsea, English Premier League, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Rivals

As I’m sure you’re all aware, there has been a spate of headlines this transfer window saying Chelsea need to overhaul thesquad and make wholesale changes soon before the bulk of the squad retires. According to the media, (real Chelsea lovers that they are) we have been in for every player that has kicked a ball since the Second World War. Not one to get caught up in their self-created hype, I decided it’s time to look at the realities of it all.

Comparing the first 11’s of the top 5 teams who I believe will be challenging next season, using a standard 4-4-2 formation, let’s see who’s team looks the strongest and who really does need strengthening:


Man U: De Gea

Chelsea: Cech

Man C: Hart

Arsenal: Szczesny

Liverpool: Reina

This is probably the strongest position with two truly world class keepers in Cech and Reina, two keepers who look like they will be top of their profession within a couple of years in De Gea and Hart and then the much maligned Szczesny who has more ability than he’s given credit for.

Verdict: Cech

Right Back:

Man U: Rafael

Chelsea: Ivanovic

Man C: Richards

Arsenal: Sagna

Liverpool: Johnson

World class right backs are few and far between these days and the position has evolved so much since the days of Lee Dixon who need an oxygen tank if he crossed the half way line. Full backs are so important in the modern game and Rafael has all the qualities to be one of the best. However, he’s a long way off just yet. Richards is hit and miss, as is Johnson. Sagna has failed to impress since his first season and Ivanovic is rock steady at the back but maybe not so much a marauding type.

Verdict: Ivanovic

Left Back:

Man U: Evra

Chelsea: Cole

Man C: Kolorov/Clichy

Arsenal: Gibbs

Liverpool: Aurelio

Probably the easiest choice of the lot. The only player who gets anywhere near Ashley Cole is Patrice Evra, but he’s still a league apart. Quite simply, Cole is the world’s best left back.

Verdict: Cole

Centre Backs:

Man U: Ferdinand/Vidic

Chelsea: Terry/Luiz

Man C: Kompany/Lescott

Arsenal: Vermaelen/Squillaci

Liverpool: Carragher/Agger

This is a tough one to call as there are a number of world class options here. Chelsea and Man U have four top class options available, together with Kompany and Vermaelen. Carragher was never in the sames league as these guys, as much as the Scousers would like to think otherwise and the same goes for Lescott and Agger. The jury is still very much out on Squillaci. The two I have chosen are there for their leadership and presence along with the fact that they are outstanding defenders.

Verdict: Vidic and Terry


Part 2 will follow shortly with the midfield and forwards selections. What do you think so far? Do you agree?


Article by Derek O’Rourke

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  1. Looking good so far, would probably have Terry and Kompany in defence though. Look forward to the rest!

  2. Rob says:

    As much as I personally like ivanovich, I think liverpool’s Johnson is better. I agree with the rest, especially LB.

  3. Nate says:

    What about Alex as a Defender for Chelsea. Great defender and i would say he is better than Luiz at this moment in time. All the rest i would say are spot on! Johnson is a good attacking right back but leaves a lot to be desired in defence. I would say sagna comes closest to Ivanovic.
    My Choices:
    Gk-Cech and Reina
    RB-Ivanovic and Sagna
    LB-Cole and Evra
    CB-This one is a tough one. I have a top 3-Terry/Vidic/Kompany

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