The Kalou Enigma

Posted: August 2, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Chelsea, Kalou, Random, Rants, Strikers

Salomon Kalou. Loved by some, despised by others. A player who can do all the difficult stuff but rarely pull off the simplest things. In a word: unique.


The Ivorian forward scored 10 league goals last season (the most he has in a season at Chelsea since joining from Feyenoord) leading many people to believe it was his best season with the blues. The fact of the matter is, Kalou could be scoring a lot more. In his Feyenoord days he scored 20 goals and then 15 in back to back seasons. Obviously the Dutch league is on a different level to the Premier League but it does show that he wasn’t finding it difficult to hit the back of the net.


  • Can score vital goals when you least expect it.
  • Has a sense of humour (yes, I know it doesn’t benefit much but it’s still something).
  • Has pace which some other Chelsea players lack.
  • As previously mentioned, he had a good season in 2010/11 with 10 league goals.
  • Can be an impressive substitute option.


  • Does the impossible by missing open goal opportunities.
  • Has the reputation to lose the ball often.
  • Speaks too much to the press in a way which could put players at unease in the dressing room.

Now from those two lists, there are 5 positives and 3 negatives but don’t let that fool you. There’s another negative that I find difficult to put into words. Basically, it’s like there is something missing from Kalou’s game. Maybe consistency would be the best word to use.

Kalou can be a useful player to have in the squad but a key player? Not so much. It’s hard to make a decision on whether it’s wise to keep him or let him go. He’s a player that doesn’t come around too often.

However, if it was between Kalou and Sturridge on the right flank, I’d have to pick Danny boy.


What are your thoughts on Kalou? Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinions.

  1. Venkat says:

    Danny for sure in the right flank 🙂 But what about the left? I would chose Kalou over malouda simply because Kalou works very hard and is not selfish:) Malouda doesn’t cross much and tries shots from impossible angles instead of simple pass/cross. Anyway even if we buy a good winger, kalou is a good man to have in your bench!

  2. GaryCRobertson says:

    Regarding Malouda, he also has downsides but is one of our most creative players at the moment.

  3. Chad says:

    Can you blame Kalou for a lack of consistency? Like you said, he is a sub. He can’t build up a good run from the bench. I like Kalou, mainly because he doesn’t pretend to be first choice and, like Ferreira, is happy to sit on the bench.

  4. @Feezabicrown says:

    In every team,there always that one player that is not consistent.if Kalou is often a super-sub,why not keep him?i would prefer sturridge though.

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