Have Trust In Our Own Grass

Posted: August 25, 2011 by derekorourke in Chelsea, Legends, Transfers, Youth

It’s silly season at the moment as we near the end of the summer transfer window. As usual, Chelsea are a team linked with just about anyone who is half decent. So far we have signed Courtois, Piazon, Romeu and Lukaku and Mata. On top of that, over the last month or so we have been heavily linked with the lavish to the ludicrous such as Modric, Moutinho, Perreira, Parker, Neymar, Cahill etc…the list is endless. If we were to believe all the tales of the tabloids we will have an entirely new squad of players this season.

Call me dull if you like, but I for one do not like to see wholesale changes made to a team. I think teams needs refreshing and rejuvenation rather than re-booting. We already have a new manager and backroom staff to integrate into the club, signing a host of players makes it even more difficult.

Before I ramble on any further, I’m going to get to the point of this article – TRUST. We are being heavily linked with Modric at the moment. A good player? Yes. Needed? Up for debate, but I would say no, especially at £30+ million. He might be very green looking grass to some Chelsea fans but I think the grass we have already planted and laid in SW6 can grow greener and richer. Currently on our books in the Modric style is the experienced Yossi Benayoun and the upcoming Josh McEachran. I like to see a mixture of youth and experience and I feel those two can be a massive influence on Chelsea this season.

Not only would we be dumping another £30m out of the Chelsea coffers but we will also be hindering the development of a potential star in Josh, something I cannot put a price on. We would also risk losing Yossi Benayoun, who looks content to be a squad player and isn’t on ridiculously high wages.

Why do I care? It’s not my money you might argue. Fair enough, but I would like to see my Chelsea go about things the right way, and one of those things is to win trophies with Chelsea players, clubmen if you like. At the moment we could consider Cech, JT, Lamps, Drogs and Mikel as proper Chelsea club men from our first team. After that, looking at our younger players who are around the first team and I only see Josh and maybe Bertrand (I could include Lukaku as he is a fan but you know what I mean) as Chelsea products and people who are proud to represent our great club. What I’m asking and pleading with Chelsea to do is trust them to be not just our future grass but our present grass. Some grass gets very dry and brown once it arrives, why risk that when we have grass grown from our own soil which we know is already green and guarantees richness.

  1. Sam Roake says:

    I’d certainly like to see Josh step up but I think he needs a while on extra rations first!

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