AVB; the only one to help us understand the Meireles surprise

Posted: September 2, 2011 by superjourno in Andres Villas-Boas, Chelsea, Liverpool, Transfers

Let me start off by saying our new number 16 doesn’t at the least bit excite me. I am told that he has worked with Andre Villas-Boas before, but was sold at FC Porto after working with Chelsea’s current gaffer for just over a month. I am also told the money was good and it was Liverpool who came knocking asking the Portuguese club if Raul Meireles was available for a move to Anfield. The Porto management obliged and he was sold for around 13 million in August last year.

Meireles has made 44 appearances for Liverpool and scored five goals. While I am not against Chelsea giving the 28-year-old a four year contract, the logic behind the move is mind boggling. But only Villas-Boas will answer my (along with other confused Chelsea fans) questions once he starts playing him, or even once he is unveiled at a press conference sometime next week. Did the Chelsea manager decide hours before the transfer deadline that Meireles was his man? Or did our desperation to say “we also spent some money on deadline day” get the better of the powers that be at Stamford Bridge? Or did we just simply promise to pay him a better package that the “peanuts” he was being offered over at Liverpool? I won’t know until he starts playing for Chelsea. And it is interesting to know where he will play this season, especially given the fact that Villas-Boas hasn’t made up his mind about most of the positions in midfield at the club after some pre-season matches and three Premier League games.

Here’s what I know about Meireles, and all this information from a Liverpool mate of mine, who, I quote, said: “I am not losing any sleep over Meireles’ departure”. And then again, neither is Kenny Dalglish, the manager at Anfield.

1. He has good technique and approach to the game and likes the volleyed shots.

2. He can’t tackle – which rules out the option of him playing John Obi Mikel’s role as a defensive midfielder. Also not strong defensively, although he has claimed he can play there.

3. Clever passes and good movement off the ball.

4. He wasn’t going to start a lot of games at Liverpool because their midfield is ‘packed’.

It seems it was also public knowledge that the tattooed one was unhappy with his wages at his old club (I clearly missed this). While some people might claim Meireles worked with Villas-Boas before and the move made perfect sense, sorry to burst your bubbles, but it was only just for a month before he moved to Liverpool. But perhaps the manager relished the opportunity to work with him again and this time he knows there’s no big money move coming his way – he will at least have two years (the original life span of a Chelsea manager) to work with him.

Also for Chelsea to have signed another midfielder is music to my ears. Although disappointed that we failed to sign Luka Modric from Tottenham Hotspurs, another ‘creative’ mind will not do Chelsea any harm this season. I am, however, still a little bit concerned that Meireles has put paid to what was an exciting transfer window at Stamford Bridge – that being the bravery to have our oldest signing be a 23-year old Spaniard in Juan Mata.

With all signings concerned, I am happy we did not lure hot-head Craig Bellamy and Twitter sinner Joey Barton to Stamford Bridge.

  1. Fani Ntlele says:

    I can’t wait for his unveiling next week. I’m glad we didn’t sell or even loan Malouda and Josh, I would have loved to see Kalou loaned may be so he can play regularly, may be to Bolton.

  2. @Feezabicrown says:

    Whether a 23-year old or a 28- year old,we really don’t have a choice because our pursuit of Modric took a lot of time and we needed a creative midfielder.Meireles would make the likes of Lampard be on their toes.

  3. Meireles is a good player but I don’t think he’s good enough to start games for Chelsea.

  4. Fani Ntlele says:

    Still for him it was the easiest switch he could have made, whether he was sold by AVB or not, he has moved to a team lacking creativity in the middle, which was thin in the middle compared to Liverpool. He also moved to a team that will compete in the CL. The reality is, its easier to fight for a position at Chelsea than at Liverpool because they are so hooked in UK midfield and cares less for anyone else. I hope he makes a difference and prove us all wrong for the sake of the Blues.

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