Terry Glad Players Are Unhappy

Posted: January 19, 2012 by GaryCRobertson in Andres Villas-Boas, Chelsea, Terry

The heading will of course give the wrong impression but the following post should explain all.

Terry claims everyone at Chelsea wants to achieve the same goal. And rightly so. He also says that he’d not be impressed if there were players who were content to sit on the bench. Terry also explains how the media warp, players being unhappy about not featuring in a game, to being annoyed at the manager.

“Unfortunately when people do not play, you get people writing ‘this player is unhappy with the manager’, which I don’t think is the case – they are unhappy they are not playing. For me, whether you are young or old, you want to play every single week, regardless of the competition. That desire is what I want to see. If there are some players in our squad who are unhappy that they are not playing, I would rather that than players prepared to tick along, collect their wages and not care if they are in the side or not. For me, it is a good thing to have, a passion and belief they should be playing.”

Basically John Terry has looked at players stating their unhappiness from a different perspective and I think he’s really hit the nail on the head.

Lampard is not unhappy at Villas-Boas, he is unhappy to be not playing. Over time that could change but from my understanding they have a good relationship so we shouldn’t need to worry too much.

I’d like to think Malouda is silently improving in training and adapting to Villas-Boas’ style but things are looking just a little bleak for him.

So, apart from a minor amount of cases, next time you see a player grumbling because he’s not playing, the chances are he is trying very hard to improve and get back into the team. Competition for team places will keep the playing standard high.

Can only be a good thing, surely?



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