Dead Ends

Posted: June 6, 2012 by GaryCRobertson in Chelsea, loan, Rants, Rumours, Youth

I can’t remember the last time I blogged.

It was before Chelsea won the Champions League, before Drogba announced he’d be leaving us, before Hazard proclaimed he’d be joining us but soon after Di Matteo took over as “caretaker”.

Anyway, what I’m about to write, some will undoubtedly hate, but try and bare with me.

Over 5 years ago, a boy made his debut for Chelsea. Fans had high hopes for him. Would he be the new big thing in England? The answer, at that time, was no; he suffered a career ending injury and was forced to retire at an early age.

He kept working, he kept training, he kept his head in the door at Chelsea and would you believe it…he played in the first team again this season after coming out of retirement on the back of some reserve team appearances. Now that boy is a man. And that man is Sam Hutchinson.

So picture this. There are two “first team” right backs at the club: Ivanovic and Bosingwa. One leaves, meaning there is a potential gap in the squad for another. For Hutchinson? For Kane?

Or for Van der Wiel?

Maybe just rumours, but I was slightly disheartened to hear we are linked with VdW. Not because I think he’s at all a bad player but because if he was signed, Hutchinson/Kane are back down the pecking order again.

There is simply no faith in the youth system.

It is of course highly difficult to blood in youth when the manager is under serious observation from those watching above. But, in Di Matteo, have we finally found someone with the guts to try, test and experiment with one of the best youth systems in the world? Why else would he give Ryan Bertrand his Champions League debut in the final?

Don’t even get me started on Kakuta and Borini.

I find it unfair on youngsters who are not even given a proper chance in the first team and are shipped away on the loan express first class to eternal doom.

Hutchinson came out of retirement! That’s how much he wants to succeed. Surely it won’t hurt too much to give him a game here and there?

Bertrand may have played a considerable amount more than other youths this season in the first team but will he get the same chances next season if a new manager is employed?

I’m creating more questions than answers here, but it’s important to step back and think.

Chalobah, Hutchinson, Kane, McEachran, Kakuta, Piazon, Feruz, Lukaku – will these players ever get decent opportunities in the first team?

Rant over…for now.

  1. So true. The CFC managerial revolving door means no-one wants to even take a chance at giving the young ones a chance. Too much pressure for results. Too much emphasis on the present. Not much forward thinking. Also: The (now engrained) continuous hands-on dealing with team affairs at board/ownership level is still unhealthy. Here we are – managerless. Yet major signings trickling in. It can’t be good. Absolutely no managerial autonomy

    • GaryCRobertson says:

      Yeah, we’re in a little bit of a rut. We may have won the Champions League but there are still issues that need resolving. Do you want Di Matteo to stay?

      • I would personally like him to continue. Many doubt his ability to deliver the sort of “attractive football” that Abramovich is reported to “crave”, but his West Brom side (before he was let go) was easy on the eye. Also, Di Matteo knows the club so well, which always helps (ie Pep at Barcelona). I think the kind of respect he has already fostered within the dressing room would be great, moving forward.
        What about you?

      • GaryCRobertson says:

        Well, it’s happened now and I am very pleased.

        I just hope he gets time (something I seem to say after every manager is appointed – but it’s true).

        Roll on the new season!

  2. Sinclair and Borini were some good talents that we wasted … Now we can see how well they have played for Swansea and Roma respectively in the season that just concluded. We have always failed to utilize the Chelsea academy products and have become sort of feeder club sending out our youth on loan and afterwards selling them . The young brigade which won Youth FA cup this year has some very good players and they definitely deserve more chances in upcoming season

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