The Fernando Torres Disorder

Posted: September 6, 2012 by aidansweeney in Chelsea, Torres
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Before I start, I would just like to clarify that I am a fan of Torres, not quite what I used to be like but more importantly I support Chelsea. I want what’s best for the club, not Fernando Torres or any other player at the club. I really want Torres to succeed and be amazing but it just isn’t going to happen.

When Chelsea announced that Fernando Torres had been signed, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Torres was a player who I had often wished was playing for us instead of against us. I was so delighted that I went and paid £15 to have his name and number on the back of my shirt. He was already a hero in my eyes and I think that is why it has taken me so long to realise that he will never shine at Chelsea.

He will never ‘be back’, he will never singlehandedly ruin teams like Robin van Persie or Falcao would, he will continue to look out of place and feed off the magic of those around him. I struggle to recall a game in a Chelsea shirt where Torres has actually looked like part of the team. In my eyes he sticks out like a sore thumb. Of course this is a Chelsea team ‘in transition’ for those of you who want to give excuses for the terrible cohesion throughout the team but even when it does click, it is through Eden Hazard, who looks every bit worth the £32M he signed for, unlike £50M Fernando Torres. For so long I ignored the poor first touch, the clear lack of pace and the pretty poor movement. He gets it right, occasionally but nowhere near enough for a £50M striker. It is of course only a handful of games into the season and Torres probably will stagger his way to 20 goals this season in all competitions but who wouldn’t with Hazard, Mata and Oscar behind them?

To those Chelsea fans who are still convinced he’s the best thing ever to happen to the club, you’ll realise soon. You’ll notice how he often hides behind defenders or how his touch is often about five yards in front of himself but he’s so far away from everyone else he gets away with it. I’m pretty sure he had a moan at the end of last season about not being able to be the main man and the star striker, so why Fernando, now you’ve got your big chance, do I often see you drifting out wide?  I really want Torres to be a success but he’s just a shadow of his former self. He’s obviously never going to get that blistering pace back. I recall the game versus Wigan where he was one on one with a player and at one point was actually a yard ahead of the defender but he turned back inside allowing the defender to catch up? Fernando Torres of three seasons ago would have left him for dead and went and slotted it in. There must be something not quite there mentally; there are obviously doubts in his own mind as well as he’s nowhere near as confident as he used to be. His goal against Newcastle was impressive but I lost count how many times I found myself ‘MOVE TORRES’ at him during that game. Hazard would be dancing round players down the wing yet Torres would be stationary on the corner of the box. Is it hard to make a near post run?

You might be wondering why this article is titled ‘The Fernando Torres Disorder’, well it’s because of how many Chelsea fans are still adamant that he’s going to set the world alight. I want it to happen too but it just isn’t going to happen. What sort of player moans about the club who pay him £175,000 a week, the day after he’s just won the Champions League? Torres can do no wrong according to a section of the Chelsea support and it’s sad to see. I’m pretty sure there are fans out there that would be happy if Torres scored but Chelsea lost. It does make me laugh when Torres does score and all his fan boys/girls say things like ‘that will shut the haters up’…they aren’t haters, they are people who want the best for Chelsea. I used to be part of this deluded gang but they need to wake up. I would swap him for Falcao any day of the week.

To his credit, there have been times where he’s look decent but let’s consider the opposition in those games. He scored a hat trick against QPR. A QPR defence including Anton Ferdinand who quite understandably must of wanted to get those 90 minutes over and done with. He scored two against Leicester, a Championship team. He scored two for Spain against Ireland. He scored that goal versus Barcelona where he did show good composure but the game was already dead. That goal away against Manchester United was a very well taken finish but we all know what happened a few minutes later after he rounded De Gea.

Torres’ goal versus Reading was the first goal he’s scored for Chelsea that has actually changed the outcome of the game/tie. Only 20 months after the club spent £50M on him…Shambolic.

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  1. Samuel says:

    I agree with every freaking thing in this article. I used to be a massive Torres fan since his Athletico Days! Now he’s come to my club, and he is shit. I’m gutted.

    • Iasn says:

      Pat Nevin has the opposite view to you an he shared that ahead of the Newcastle game . Now as he has actually played the game & watched Torres very closely on & off the ball I go with Pat …thanks

  2. Adam Muffins says:

    And what’s worse is that goal against Reading was offside…

  3. BloodyEddie says:

    I sooo wanna agree to this article.. but i am still THAT deluded guy.. 🙂 I still believe in him. 🙂

  4. 100% hit. Totally agree with the article, even though it lays negative shadow over a player of the club I support. Taking all of this into consideration, I can easily foresee a Torres + $ -> Falcao deal (both Falcao is going to be interested in the move, and Torres who always said he wants to finish his career in Athletico)

  5. AlaP says:

    I am a huge Torres fan and I just hope he leaves Chelsea for his own sake, their style of play doesn’t suit him at all.

  6. Fede says:

    To be completely honest, I have always thought that Chelsea is a team that doesn’t fit Torres well. I feel that, were he to go back to Liverpool, he’d find his pace once again. Nobody seems to agree with me on this, but I think that a player like Torres (who is incredibly talented, no doubt, but who is also notably delicate both in mind and body) needs to feel important, needs to feel the weigh of the responsability placed upon him. Even if he used to complain about the pressure when he was at Atleti, I got the idea that when he came to Chelsea, where he was just one of the players and where he felt overshadowed by Drogba, he lost himself a little bit. He started to feel insecure, as you stressed, to feel useless, and the results on the pitch were just a consequence of his state of mind. I think he’ll never feel as loved and cherished and sheltered as he felt in Liverpool, but I think that this season is going to be the real test. He now can be the main man, he is going to have time and occasions on the pitch. I don’t want you to think I’m just another blind Torres fan, because I’m not. I just think that this season will be the first season in which he’ll have no excuses, and he knows that too. Everybody does. So, I’m going to wait and see what happens.
    I won’t stop believing in him, though. Not yet, not now that things could still turn up incredibly well. What has often saddened me, is the fact that some of the Chelsea fans do not believe in Torres, and this is not what he needs to regain his pace and his confidence. I will support him until I clearly see that he is not going to do well for the team. If that ever happens, I’ll be glad to come back here, on your blog, and tell you that you were right. But right now, it’s too early for me to give up on him.

  7. Matt says:

    I think you’ve broken free of this “deluded gang” and gone too far in the other direction personally. He’ll never be the best #9 in the world again but he’s still an asset. A striker like Torres who’ll work with and for the team rather than focus purely on scoring is more useful to us I reckon, I think his style complements the creative midfielders behind him rather than just takes advantage of them. Anyone with a brain would swap him for Falcao but I still think we’re gonna see him improve and score more than 20 comfortably this season – I dont think that makes me deluded or a fanboy.

  8. Meli says:

    @Fede Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    ”He scored that goal versus Barcelona where he did show good composure but the game was already dead.”
    The game was already dead? Do you remember what happened a few years ago?

  9. Adam says:

    When Torres doesn’t score everyone says ‘i’d rather he play shit but score’ … When Torres scores everyone says ‘I’d rather he do good for the team than score’ …. Make up your minds dudes! Torres has finally found some form and now you decide to lay into him? You wouldn’t find a scouser posting this about Carroll, Or a Manc posting this about Forlan or any club fan laying into their own player and criticising him so negativiely. He’s a Chelsea player whether you like it or not. RDM has said he’s our number 9 and if you haven’t noticed we don’t have another out and out striker besides Sturridge to depend on. So just back him FFS, at least until January. You’re basing your whole judgement on ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’ just like the people you are criticising and writing this article for. ‘If Torres comes good’ , ‘If Torres scores’ ‘If Torres gets 30’, ‘If he doesn’t score’ ‘If he doesn’t..’ … Everyone’s argument is based on if’s and buts. Just let him prove it to us on the pitch and so far he is. You need to stop being spoilt, and seeing a better player and wanting him. That’s not football. That’s not passion. That’s not love. You’re forgetting the morals of football and just hoping to buy the league and buy the best and win it the easiest way possible. It’s not hard to back a player. Judging by your post if Chelsea were to ever get relegated you’d desert them. Cut the bullshit that you wouldn’t because if you’re deserting your player when he’s going through a bad (well good) patch now, what hope do you have for your club if they were to get relegated? FAITH. BELIEF.

  10. Aidan Sweeney says:

    Well I’m glad my article has made so many of you feel the need to reply to you. Firstly, the majority of you are clearly fans of Torres which is unlike what my Twitter mentions have been like throughout today. The general agreement seems to be that everyone wants Torres to succeed but no one is going to be surprised if he ultimately fails. I want Torres to prove me wrong, I’m pretty sure I made that clear.
    To those of you who are questioning how much of a ‘fan’ I am, what makes you think you’re better than me? I want what’s best for the club and at the moment, Torres is the best we have up front so I am going to back up. I used to worship the guy and I actually find it really sad how it’s worked out for him. Haha Adam you’re talking about me like you know me when you have absolutely no idea who I am but fair enough, telling me I’d abandon Chelsea just because I criticised your beloved Torres. I wrote this: last January, defending Torres. I think you should read that before you start questioning my loyalties to the club.

  11. Adam says:

    ‘My beloved Torres’ Why are you assuming i am a fanboy? If you know me you’ll find i am not one of Torres’ biggest fans, but do i moan or groan? but do i make POINTLESS and negative arguments about him? no. Even at the stadium when he misses a chance i don’t moan, instead sing his name and support him, because that’s what fans do. All you’re doing is turning people against the lad, and what good is that going to do for anyone? What’s worse is you’re writing as if he’s an enemy. You won’t find ANY club’s fan doing this, why? Because there are lines. This nonsense drivel is not worth posting. I don’t have twitter it was posted to facebook, i’m glad i don’t have twitter if people are actually accepting this. You’ve made so many points that are invalid.

    For you to say ‘he will fail’, is complete bullshit. You do see what you are? You do see you’re doing exactly for Torres fans are doing with ‘he will score’ but the complete opposite? you’re as bad as them. I’m not judging him on the past, it’s a new season, new faces. He’s scored 3 in 5 and that’s enough to ‘win’ me over. the timing of this article is completely wrong, if he had 5 in 20 then post but if not and he’s finding his feet, what is the point of this? please tell me? You just seem to be ranting to yourself and then asking for acceptance off people, to make it look like you’re not insane.

    And i can come up with my own conclusions. That just makes it worse if you stood by him and then just gave up hope. If you supported Pompey i bet you’d have deserted them when the going got tough. I bet you’d have loved the FA Cup win and bought the shirt and everything, then relegation, money problems hit and you’d run a mile.

    I’m not a better fan than you, you can’t be better fans than one another but what i am, is loyal. Which you can’t say the same for, otherwise this article wouldn’t exist.

    ALSO you were wrong last year in that blog, let’s hope you’re wrong again.

  12. wasif says:

    daue i just want to say one thing ……. u are a supporter of chelsea…. and i want to make it clear that im not a big ft9 supporter……. i m a die hard chelsea fan …… u shud never loose confidence i a team player . he is a part of chelsea and u have to be behind him dude…….. u have gone too far in the wrong direction….. now when he is showing a little form … we shud back him….. u are more of an anti torres now ( im not talking about the past ) . u have to support each and every player of the team …… ur article just shows ur hatred for for the chelsea man……. u are just fuming at one fucking defeat at athletico…. u need to chill out.. u are trolling our own players ….. i dont get ur motive behind this article of urs …… KTBFFh……. think about this dude

  13. Frankie says:

    What do you mean by ‘ruin’ teams? Do you think if you score a goal, you’ve ruined a team? Van Persie doesn’t ruin teams. How many times does he dribble past an opponent? He’s like a Van Nisterlooy, a goal scorer. He doesn’t ruin teams. Ruining involves defenders being all the place, as in ruined. Drogba ruined Arsenal, not just by scoring they couldn’t handle him all throughout the game. Carroll ruined Terry and us, we just couldn’t handle him that night at Anfield. Suarez ruined us at anfield that night, constantly a thorn and megging players left right and centre. Torres ruined Vidic, always had him sent off, always ran at the defenders. Torres has more of a chance of ruining a team on his own than RVP will ever have. RVP is just a goal scorer.

  14. Aidan Sweeney says:

    You started talking about me as if you knew me so why shouldn’t I do the same? I’m not sure how my argument is pointless, it’s purpose was to open the eyes of the deluded who think Torres is untouchable, I’m quite pleased at how many people have got in touch with me on Twitter to tell me it was eye opening. How am I writing as if he is the enemy? I’m writing as if he is a player who needs to up his game, which he does. You are completely deluded if you don’t think he needs to improve his game. List my invalid points then please. I said I think he will fail. He’s flopped for 18 months, are supposed to just ignore that? Not at all and you’re fickle if you think that’s acceptable. The point in this is that I don’t think he’s playing any better. He’s scored one good goal and two tap ins yet continues to look poor and not part of the team in my opinion, which is actually what I said up there if you read it properly. Haha so I’m insane? Because I don’t think Torres has been very good? I’m not loyal because I don’t think Torres has been very good?

    You must be unable to read because I’ve said multiple times that I want to be wrong. Don’t bother replying, just wait till January and I’ll either accept I was wrong or you’ll owe me an apology for throwing around personal insults just because you disagree with me. There’s disagreeing and then there’s being a knob because you’re unable to accept someone else’s opinion and you’ve been the latter.

  15. Aidan Sweeney says:

    I’d take RvP over Torres any day of the week. Maybe ruin was the wrong word but Torres will never score goals like RvP does, he’s a different class. Just to be clear, I still do support Torres when he’s on the pitch because I want Chelsea to win more importantly, if Torres scores then great, if not then hopefully he’ll contribute an assist or something similar.

  16. Adam says:

    ‘it’s purpose was to open the eyes of the deluded who think Torres is untouchable’ Why? What’s the point in that? Why not just let them think that and move on with your life? We know he’s not untouchable, you’re just being childish. I feel as if you’re trying to prove a point to someone, you’re trying to get on the good side of someone because it’s fashionable. Whether it’s Sid or someone else, you don’t just go from ‘loving’ someone to ‘hating’ them in the blink of an eye.

    ‘got in touch with me on Twitter to tell me it was eye opening’ Exactly my point. You’re posionous. Just turning people against him. Turning Chelsea fans against Chelsea players is not the Chelsea way.

    ‘player who needs to up his game’ It’s been 5 games FFS! In 3 of them he scored and won a penalty. The timing of this article is completely idiotic. Give him time to prove himself instead of writing him off before he’s even begun this season.

    ‘He’s flopped for 18 months, are supposed to just ignore that?’ Precisely. Move on. He has. Chelsea have. You should to. It took him 1 month and a bit to get 2 goals last season it’s taken him 3 games this season. Forget the highs and lows of last season this is a NEW SEASON AND NEW PLAYERS. We can’t base it on past reputations. Judge him for what he’s doing as of now. And no i don’t think that’s acceptable hence why i said ‘i wasn’t his biggest fan’, but it’s pointless crying about it.

    ‘continues to look poor and not part of the team in my opinion’ Okay mate. I’ll happily take him ‘looking poor’, him scoring and us winning over the shit that happened in the first half of the season prior to AVB’s sacking. The team has been built for him so the latter of your statement is completely garbage. RDM just has to get the balance between attack and defence right.

    ‘I’m not loyal because I don’t think Torres has been very good?’ You’re not loyal because you defended him at one point and then when you feel it’s gotten worse you effectively stab him in the back and feed him to the metaphorical wolves. If you were loyal you’d back the players/team through thick and thin. It’s one thing is saying that a player has been poor and not up to standard, which is acceptable but the way you’ve gone about it is completely wrong and pointless.

    I accept your opinion but there’s no substance to it. Your opinion is based on events that occured prior to May 2012, when 4 months after that he’s found his feet and is scoring.

    ‘Torres will never score goals like RvP does’ Really? I’m sure he already has, hence why we paid 50million for him.

  17. Aidan Sweeney says:

    Oh dear Adam. You claim to not have Twitter but are now talking about someone who I’ve spoke to only a few times on Twitter. Why I would feel the need to impress someone on Twitter is beyond me. You’re a liar and clearly pretending to be something you’re not. If you’re going to put on an act, at least get your story straight, sad act.

    • Adam says:

      I am not a liar. Twitter is open, you’ve left your handle at the bottom of the article so i searced it and looked through a few tweets, nothing wrong with that?

      Also please respond to my points instead of changing the topic. You have nothing to say back to it.

      Also we don’t have rvp so get it out of your head ffs. We don’t have Falcao either so stop comparing them. We aren’t getting anyone else till the minimum of jan so back the players instead of looking for a way out. You’re like a kid in a toy shop. Have something, see something better so make up any excuse to get the new one.

      I shan’t comment again. We’ll see in May.
      I meant ‘stab in the back’ effectively. It’s the same principle. What have you done with this article except turn people against him? That’s my point.

  18. Aidan Sweeney says:

    Also, the fact you accused me of ‘stabbing him in the pack’..are you for real? he’s a footballer who I will never meet and will never know I’ve ever existed, get a grip.

  19. Meli says:

    ”Torres will never score goals like RvP does, he’s a different class”

    LMAO Oh dear…

  20. Aidan Sweeney says:

    So you’re saying Torres is in the same league as RvP?

  21. GaryCRobertson says:

    Well, this has been a popular post.

  22. Fede says:

    What I find incredibly frustrating is the fact that nobody ever considers the fact that the problems of the team at the moment involve its defense (the match against Atleti was a perfect example). People only talk about Torres and those damn 50 millions he was paid. Even now, that things are going better for him and that he’s finally finding his pace, people are complaining.
    I won’t lie: it was painful to see how Torres was treated in the last two years, how the press never missed a chance to destroy him, to bring him down. I could understand the Scouser’s anger toward him, because I can remember clearly how much they had loved him as a player and almost as an icon of their club. What I still cannot understand (and believe me, it is painful to read things like this article) is why can’t we just be supporting.
    I am not English, so this is probably the reason why I cannot understand, for the life of me, your anger towards Torres (because that’s what surfaces in your article: an unexplicable anger toward a player who, as you said yourself, you don’t even know personally). In my country, there is a different conception about football and the various clubs. you have your players’ back, always, because they are YOUR players. You stand by them when they play well, but even more when they don’t, because that’s the moment when they need your suppor the mostt.
    For months people talked about how Torres seemed almost “scared” to try and score, how it seemed that he just wanted to disappear from that pitch… and I thought: how can he start playing as he did for Liverpool, when many of the fans have given up on him?

    I’m not judging you, and I respect what you wrote, even if it wasn’t easy to read it. I just wanted to tell you that I hope that, reading all of our comments, you’ll try to see things under a different light. We want Torres to play well, then let’s stick by him and let’s make him feel supported and valued. It’s not a good move to try and turn Chelsea fans against him, you know?

  23. I don’t actually have a problem with Torres himself, yes he’s been poor but the whole point of this article to address the fans of the club who defend him like he’s some sort of legend. It’s actually funny reading some of these comments, just noticing how deluded you really are. RvP is a different class to Torres, we don’t have RvP though so I’m going to back Torres, I’m not however going to listen to people who treat Torres like he’s some sort of God. He’s got nothing on Terry, Lampard, Drogba etc and I don’t understand why people treat him like that. You’ve all been diagnosed with the Fernando Torres Disorder. I just simply don’t understand how you can be so deluded and you don’t even understand the fact that I want Torres to succeed, I’ve never said I don’t, I just don’t think he’ll shine which is what the article is about. The accusations of being a ‘plastic’ are hilarious and the whole stabbing him in the back…either grow up or get a grip. I like Torres, I don’t however like his fan girls, you’re an embarassment to the club with how far you go defending him. Last point, I think Torres will score around 20 goals this season which is an improvement but still isn’t good enough in my opinion. For a £50M you expect much better than that. You can argue that the fee shouldn’t matter…are you for real? Of course the fee matters, If the club had of payed £5M for him he would either of been released or shipped out on loan by now and you know it’s true. I think some of you need to go back and read the article. Like I said, I don’t have a problem with Torres and will support him like any other player but he deserves no special treatment which is what he’s getting at the moment.

  24. razorSW6 says:

    i find it sad how you are not allowed to speak your opinion without people being offended. You are not saying anything negative about Torres but you are just saying you cannot see him regaining the form he had of the past for multiple reasons which pile on, and since he’s going to be 30 years old a year on from 6 months time you dont see him adapting all of that quick enough in time. What you said makes absolute real sense to me. It’s funny these same Torres fans are the ones who would mock and make fun of “Kalouda” or Bosingwa and call them shite. Whenever Torres doesnt perform, people blame the WHOLE Chelsea team except him, i even remember them seeing some speak negatively about legends like Lampard and Drogba and blame them for Torres form. It seems to be everyones fault except Torres. Clear signs of being in-denial.

  25. Adam says:

    So you’re basically jealous of his support? People back him ffs. He has fans from Atletico MAdrid and Liverpool, who do treat him like a god and will support him forever. You can’t criticise them for doing that. Atletico built a stadium for Torres, their fans sung his name at the end of the game vs us, they sing his song all the time. You don’t understand why he’s treated differently because you haven’t looked. He’s a legend to THEM, not us. End of.

    You can’t hate Torres because of his fans. That’s stupid talk. If you don’t like them block and move on or ignore what they say simple. Not everyone who defends Torres is a fangirl, just like not everyone who criticises him hates him. Works both ways, Fangirls/boys are ALLOWED THEIR OPINION, you’re crying over here because we’re criticising YOUR OPINION and you’re saying you are allowed to have an opinion. Why not let them have their opinion? You’re just being a hypocrite.

    If we paid 5m for him, we wouldn’t have any expectations for him so what he’s done for us over the past 18months would have been acceptable. The fee doesn’t matter, we didn’t pay it. The owner did. Why are you getting worked up over the fee when it has nothing to do with you? It’s just business.

    ”I don’t have a problem with Torres and will support him like any other player ” Stop trying to cover your tracks. You can’t say you don’t have a problem with him and support him when you’e criticsed the hell out of him in this article. Please show me an article criticising Lampard, Ivanovic, Luiz or any other Chelsea player like this and then i will accept your poisonous views.

    If anyone is an embarrassment to the club, it’s the fan that’s making negative and pointless articles about a player of the club.

  26. Where have I said I was jealous of his support? The thing I don’t like it that you’re not allowed to say bad things about Torres, ever and you and everyone else on here are living examples of my opinion. I don’t hate Torres, so that point is invalid. You’re finally getting there Adam, the whole point of this article is that fan girls etc need to understand that Torres can be criticised and most of the time it is deserved criticism. He gets special treatment from our fans when he’s done nothing to warrant it. ‘The fee doesn’t matter’…oh dear. In this article I’ve listed things that he needs to improve on, what is wrong with that?

  27. Adam says:

    Okay, If Lampard/Drogba/Terry had Torres’ support would you be making this article? … Fan girls are FAN GIRLS. Majority don’t give two flying F*cks about the club and just Torres so if you criticise him they’ll react. Honestly, mate just ignore them.

    When have i said you’re not allowed to say bad things about him? I’ve told you i’m not the biggest fan. My point was that there is no point of this article. What is it doing? Nothing positive, all it’s doing is turning people against our player which in my opinion is not needed.

    ”He gets special treatment from our fans when he’s done nothing to warrant it.” He’s likeable so they back him. The only way i can explain it is when an ugly lad is with a really fit girl and you can’t quite understand it. Torres being the ugly lad, and the support the really fit girl. Don’t know how he pulled it off but can only make assumptions of his likeability/other factors.

    The fee doesn’t matter. 2 years ago we could’ve got him for 30mil, 4 years ago 70mil. The same player but different amouts. How does that work out? Does the talent of a player vary based on the price? No. Only expectation does. So this constant mentioning of the price tag is bullshit and another excuse to lay into him.

    You’re blind to see that what you’re doing is exactly the same as a fangirl but in the other direction. They find anything to defend him, you’re finding anything to berate him with.

    2 people watch the same game but see different things, how does that work out? You think his touch is poor but another thinks it’s good. You think he’s had a bad game but others think he’s had a good game. It’s all opinions. I haven’tt said anything about what you think is wrong with him. I said you had some invalid points like the price, the support etc.

    I’ve said before and i’ll say it again. The way you’ve gone about this is wrong and the timing of this is wrong. That’s all.

  28. Unlikely because players like Drogba and Lampard are club legends, of course they’re still open to criticism as no player is immune to that but when you compared what they’ve done for Chelsea compared to Torres…it just makes no sense to me how Chelsea fans can worship Torres but not Lampard.

    The point of this article is to open the eyes of the deluded. I’m not turning people against him, just want people to actually consider why they defend him so much?

    Ok well I’ve expected a lot more from him, he’s dissapointed me and a lot of Chelsea fans.

    Not really, I got bored of defending every poor game or mistake he made. I hope so much from him and he’s only dissapointed me so I guess I’m annoyed at him. I went from one extreme to the other, I saw the light.

  29. Adam says:

    Who told you to defend him? Why did you defend him and not other players? You’ve only got yourself to blame.

    What light? Hinting at a light means one person is right and one person is wrong. Above you’ve said you are allowed to have an opinon, using your logic others are allowed an opinion too? Right? So how can one person’s opinion be wrong? You’ve honestly just shot yourself in the foot. Keep digging.

    ”it just makes no sense to me how Chelsea fans can worship Torres but not Lampard.” why did you print Torres’ name on your shirt and not Lampard’s? All you’re coming across as is someone who is desperate to fit in with the crowd. It’s fashionable to criticise him and his fangirls, so you’re just trying to prove to someone that you’re on their side and trying to say all the right things to please them but have gone too far in the opposite direction.

    They ‘worship’ him because he’s their favourite player. You’re allowed to have one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Why don’t you criticise people who like Marin and defend his injury prone behaviour when he hasn’t done anything for us? Why don’t you criticise people who defend Meireles when he hasn’t done that much for us, whilst he was here? Your argument is flawed. It’s simply preferences.

    ”The point of this article is to open the eyes of the deluded. I’m not turning people against him, just want people to actually consider why they defend him so much? ” Who died and made you king? Why do you need to do that? Let people come to their own conclusions, they don’t need some pansy university student ‘know it all’ to tell them.

  30. Becuase I had faith in him back then, I do not now. Blame for what? My opinion is my opinion and it’s subject to change. To say I’m desperate to fit in with the crowd is pathetic. If I wanted to fit in with the crowd then I’d be worshipping every player we have. You’re really blowing this all out of proportion and it’s quite funny.

    I got Torres’ name on the back of my shirt the day after he signed because I thought he was going to be a start, what a laugh that turned out to be. Why would I be trying to impress someone on Twitter? The fact you even threw in a name last night just makes this even so much funnier that you’re going to this extent. Strangely familiar to this arrogant fool on Twitter.

    I couldn’t care less if he’s their favourite player, that doesn’t mean he is immune to criticism does it?

    Because it is so obvious to see.

    ‘Pansy university student’ hahahahaha who do you think you actually are? See now you’re getting personal and I think we should draw a line there because you’re just embarassing yourself. I think you should go back to your normal life and stop getting so upset about a blog.

  31. Adam says:

    I am not upset, least over this. I haven’t blown anything out of proportion. I’ve said this is whole blog is pointless. Am i wrong? No. I’ve said it’s the wrong timing to post this. Am i wrong? No.

    If you leave your handle at the bottom of a post, i am allowed to explore.

    Exactly, you had faith and then lost it. Stop forcing others to do the same as you and poisoning their minds. Let them come to their own conclusions. I haven’t embarrassed myself. I have backed up every single one of my points and explained. Have you? You just look like a crazy ex-girlfriend determined to hurt the one they previously loved. That’s all you are. Pathetic to be honest.

    Continue with your life Aidan. Come May we’ll see who has the last laugh.

  32. I don’t think it’s pointless but fair enough, that is your opinion.

    You explored and jumped to embarrassingly wrong conclusions.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve backed up all of my points.

    Not sure how it’s pathetic simply because I think people defend Torres too much. You’ve been firmly diagnosed with TFTD though.

    You too ‘Adam’, I’m pretty sure I’ll be laughing come January.

  33. Adam says:

    It’s not pointless? Explain to me what good this is doing. Actually wait, don’t.

    ”You’ve been firmly diagnosed with TFTD though.” Embarrassing.

  34. tom says:

    Reading all the fan boy comments lol, Torres has been shit for a long time, he was shit near the end days at liverpool and he’s shit now. He cant dribble, you can see the panic over take him, stumbling around loosing the ball after trying to do some retarded skill. When a players hasnt the belief to dribble he’s in trouble. If he wants to fix up a change is needed.

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