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Wonderful Times To Be A Chelsea Supporter

Posted: August 27, 2012 by GaryCRobertson in Attack, Chelsea, Random, Strikers, Torres, Transfers, Youth

I don’t know about you but I am extremely excited at all these signings Chelsea have made recently. Marin, Hazard(s), Oscar, Moses and Azpilicueta. Not a bad bunch to sign in one transfer window.

With the added inclusion of Ryan Bertrand who seems to be enjoying more minutes in the first team as of late, a creative but potentially tired Mata (at the moment) and a reignited Torres, things at Chelsea seem to be taking a really good turn for the best. There are so many classy players to name that I would be here all day trying to describe them in the best manner possible.
Where to start then. Well, first of all I’m over the moon that Torres is showing everyone what damage he can really do with the right players behind him. Hazard has connected with Torres almost instantly and they seem like the making of a truly deadly duo.

There are murmers that Mata will be rested for a few games soon after playing a bit of football at Euro 2012 and the Olympics. This is no bad thing. I love Mata but this will give Oscar the perfect platform to slide into the side and, like Torres, show the world what a talent he is.
When Mata returns, there will be big competition for places in the team. Again, no bad thing. We’ve got players of a high calibre who will be battling it out amongst each other to be in the side; Ramires, Mata, Marin, Hazard, Sturridge, Torres, Oscar, Lampard, Mikel, Meireles, Essien, Romeu, Moses and, if they stick around, Malouda and Benayoun too. So much brilliance. All these players will be needed as there are a lot of trophies to be fought for in this season like the Club World Cup and the Supercup on Friday.

What do the new signings show? They indicate that either/both manager and owner are fully backing Torres as the main man to lead Chelsea’s front line. This apparent support from the hierarchy has brushed off on Fernando. Just have a look at his recent performances for evidence.

If all this isn’t enough we also have McEachran and Lukaku on loan in the meantime. Lukaku scored on his debut against Liverpool – nice way to bow into the West Bromwich Albion team. Middlesbrough fans are holding McEachran in high regard as he too impressed on his debut and was seen as an integral player for their win over Burnley recently.
I’m excited about our prospects this season. Are you?


Chelsea have predominantly used a 4-3-3 formation since Roman took the club over in 2003. It seems that is the preferred system of the board, something I would have my doubts about. I believe the board would be happy to see any system as long as it produced winning and stylish football. The truth is, football evolves and with that so does tactics and formations.
For a long time in English football nobody dared venture away from the tried and trusted 4-4-2. In the early noughties we saw a transition to 4-3-3 (or 4-5-1 depending on which team deployed it). We are now seeing an adoption to 4-2-3-1 and even recently to a back three, used by Barcelona and to our detriment, Napoli.
It seems there are innovators in the game and we all wait to see what they do first before a surge of followers replicate. In fact, Chelsea were innovators under Jose and our mind bending 4-3-3 was adopted by almost every team in the Premiership, if not Europe!
Now is the time for change again, and not just because the 4-3-3 is becoming obsolete (I actually don’t think a formation can become so) but because we simply do not possess the tools to adequately adopt the formation. 4-3-3 is very width dependant and we simply don’t have enough effective wingers, and we’re even going as far as playing 2 players out of position on the wings in Mata and Sturridge. Here’s what I propose:
I ultimately would like to see us adopt an exciting and wide 4-2-3-1 formation with Mata central behind our striker and two fast and direct wingers out wide. But, as I said, we don’t have that option right now so I think between now and the end of the season we should go with 4-diamond-2. It fits; we can play our strongest players and we can finally get more support up to out striker which has cut an isolated figure all season by adding another man up there to help him with the workload and a number 10 behind to create the chances.
Anyone that says Torres and Drogba can’t play together are completely wrong. It’s a media fuelled fantasy and I would love to see them prove the red-tops wrong. It also will give more opportunities to Sturridge to play centrally and maybe even an extra couple of games to Lukaku.
If you need convincing just look at the layout below and how our players fit at present:

































You may say we lack width with this formation and you’d be correct but haven’t we done so all season anyway? At least with this formation we can properly protect our back four by consolidating midfield and we also see our best players play in their natural positions. I also believe Ashley Cole and Ivanovic offer a decent outlet out wide when we need that.
Bring on the summer, and bring on some wide players and we can switch to a 4-2-3-1. De Bruyne (hopefully) and Kakuta will be back, and we will no doubt see some additions covering those positions also.
What do you think?
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Don’t brand Fernando a flop just yet

Posted: January 14, 2012 by GaryCRobertson in Attack, Chelsea, Guest, Strikers, Torres

Here at Chelsea Headache, we are always glad to host articles written by football fans (preferably of Chelsea origins) and today, Aidan Sweeney is delving into the subject of a certain Fernando Torres.


Four goals and seven assists in fourteen starts and 8 substitute appearances is hardly what Chelsea fans were expecting from Fernando Torres this season. However, is Torres solely to blame for the current problems that surround the fifty million pound man? I think not. Despite having been already labelled as the ‘most expensive flop’ ever by the majority, I still believe there is time for Torres to turn it around.

It’s been nearly a year since his move to Chelsea and Fernando Torres has had to deal with numerous issues since his move. His wife gave birth to his second child only a month before he switched clubs, hardly something which would help a player settle down easy at a new club. He effectively lived in a hotel away from his wife and children for the first few months of his time at Chelsea which can’t have helped him mentally. There was a new level of pressure on the man himself. Whilst there had always been a high level of interest in Fernando’s performances, it was nothing compared to what he faced at Chelsea. Every time he played and didn’t score (which was unfortunately most of the time), it was major news across Twitter and the following days back pages. Such level of interest had to be expected though seeing as his transfer didn’t just make the back pages of newspapers, it also made the majority of front pages the following day. All of these were off the pitch issues, it was far worse on the pitch.There wasn’t a single player at Chelsea who’s vision and passing ability was as good as Steven Gerrard’s or Xabi Alonso’s, players who Torres thrived off at Liverpool. Dozens of Torres’ goals at Liverpool were assisted by defence splitting, world class passes from Alonso or Gerrard, Torres hasn’t had that level of service at Chelsea. There’s no denying Lampard can pick the odd pass out and Mata has the ability to slip a ball through a few players to Torres but he still isn’t being allowed to sit on the last man and run in behind which is how he loves to play. Another issue was just how slow Chelsea played. Players like Anelka, Mikel and Lampard played at such a slow pace it didn’t help Torres or the team. Anelka has thankfully moved on whilst Mikel has hardly kicked a ball the past few months which is good news but if André Villas-Boas really wants to implement fast, flowing football at Stamford Bridge then he needs to remove Lampard from the equation. One noticeable difference between how Torres played at Liverpool and how he has played during his time at Chelsea so far has been how often he drifts out wide. At Liverpool Torres didn’t have to go and seek the ball, he didn’t have to drift out wide to try and create space. He spent the majority of his time sitting on the last man, patiently waiting for Gerrard or Alonso to find him with that killer ball. Instead we’ve seen Fernando coming deep and in fact becoming more of a number ten. The statistics speak for themselves, he has nearly double the amount of assists than he has goals and that isn’t what Mr Abramovich paid fifty million pounds for.

What continues to frustrate me week in week out is seeing Juan Mata shifted out on the left wing when he clearly is not a left winger. He is the only player in the current Chelsea team who I believe has got the ability and the vision to continuously find Torres’ runs; so in my opinion, Mata has to play centrally. Probably the closest we’ve ever came to seeing the best of Fernando Torres at Chelsea was away at Old Trafford and it was obvious to see why he thrived during the second half of that game. United played with a high defensive line, Torres sat on the last man and Mata saw enough of the ball to play Torres in on goal numerous times. Whilst that game will always be remembered for the way Torres put the ball past David De Gea’s left hand post, I saw enough in the game to firmly believe it can work out for Torres at Chelsea. There is no denying that for the majority of that second half, it was Torres back to his world class best.

It is clear that things have got to change at Chelsea and there is no quick or cheap solution. If I was André Villas-Boas then I would address the following issues: Mata has to play centrally behind Torres. As I’ve said above he is the only player good enough to continuously play those killer balls for Torres. It might not leave Lampard very happy but a midfield of Mata, Ramires and Romeu is the future for Chelsea and hopefully it will be the present midfield very soon. A left winger has to be signed. I will always have fond memories of Florent Malouda, especially the day he walked through Man United’s defence at Old Trafford to set Joe Cole up and it’s always sad to see players who you once admired slowly decline but with Malouda it’s been more than a slow decline. It’s hard to believe he’s the same player and the sooner he leaves Chelsea the better. A left winger who will actually stick to the wing will open more space in the middle so it isn’t as congested as it is at the moment, hopefully meaning Torres won’t have to drift out to the wings to find space which in turn should open up little pockets of space for Mata. Torres has to be given a run of games. With the ever declining Didier Drogba away at the African Cup of Nations, Fernando should get a run in the team over the following month but it won’t benefit Chelsea at all if Torres is benched again as soon as Drogba comes back because Torres brings a lot more to Chelsea’s play than Drogba. Torres also has to look at himself. Surely he can’t be happy with everyone labelling him a flop? We’ve seen it very rarely at Chelsea but he has to find that hunger within himself to go out there and be that world class player he knows he can be. He’s free of the injuries which haunted his time at Liverpool, he has to see that as a positive and really seize the chance he has been presented with through Drogba being away.

So whilst the majority of you continue to laugh every time Torres plays and doesn’t score, remember he has four and a half years left on his contract and at only twenty seven, he’s got arguably his peak physical years ahead of him. I believe it’s clear to see though that changes have to be made at Chelsea and until they are, we can all expect Torres to continue to struggle. Don’t brand Fernando a flop just yet though, give him and AVB time to implement changes and I’m sure we’ll see Fernando Torres back to his best once again.

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I have put together two lists for the Top 10 Chelsea attackers in Premier League games. The first is only my opinion based on how I thought they performed for the blues. The second list is purely stats based, by looking at a minutes played to goals ratio. Let’s see how the two lists compare and if you agree with my list.

My Top 10 Attackers
10.   John Spencer (103 games, 36 goals)
9.      Nicolas Anelka (124, 38 goals)
8.      Mark Hughes (95 games, 25 goals)
7.      Tore Andre Flo (112 games, 34 goals)
6.      Eidur Gudjohnsen (186 games, 54 goals)
5.      Hernan Crespo (49 games, 20 goals)
4.      Gianluca Vialli (58 games, 21 goals)
3.      Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (136 games, 69 goals)
2.      Didier Drogba (208 games, 96 goals)
1.      Gianfranco Zola (229 games, 59 goals)

One player who narrowly missed out was George Weah, who I wish had stayed for a longer period. In a few years I hope to be able to add Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge to this list.

Top 10 Attackers (based on goals per minute)
10.    Gianluca Vialli (199 minutes)
9.      Mark Stein (197 minutes)
8.      John Spencer (190 minutes)
7.      Mateja Kezman (187 minutes)
6.      Tore Andre Flo (183 minutes)
5.      Mikael Forssell (162 minutes)
4.      Didier Drogba (162 minutes)
3.      Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (150 minutes)
2.      Daniel Sturridge (149 minutes)
1.      Hernan Crespo (141 minutes)

So, there you have it. Hernan Crespo is the most effective attacker Chelsea have had in the Premier League in terms of minutes per goal. There are four players in this list who did not make my personal selection; Mark Stein, Mateja Kezman, Mikael Forssell and Daniel Sturridge. Carlton Cole is next line with a goal every 200 minutes, just one minute behind Vialli.

You will not be surprised to see that Chris Sutton did not appear in either list. In fact, he came last in the stats list with a goal every 1,845 minutes. Just behind him is Robert Fleck (994 minutes).

So, do you agree with my list of attackers? Who would be in your top 10? Please state them in the comments box below.

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The Kalou Enigma

Posted: August 2, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Chelsea, Kalou, Random, Rants, Strikers

Salomon Kalou. Loved by some, despised by others. A player who can do all the difficult stuff but rarely pull off the simplest things. In a word: unique.


The Ivorian forward scored 10 league goals last season (the most he has in a season at Chelsea since joining from Feyenoord) leading many people to believe it was his best season with the blues. The fact of the matter is, Kalou could be scoring a lot more. In his Feyenoord days he scored 20 goals and then 15 in back to back seasons. Obviously the Dutch league is on a different level to the Premier League but it does show that he wasn’t finding it difficult to hit the back of the net.


  • Can score vital goals when you least expect it.
  • Has a sense of humour (yes, I know it doesn’t benefit much but it’s still something).
  • Has pace which some other Chelsea players lack.
  • As previously mentioned, he had a good season in 2010/11 with 10 league goals.
  • Can be an impressive substitute option.


  • Does the impossible by missing open goal opportunities.
  • Has the reputation to lose the ball often.
  • Speaks too much to the press in a way which could put players at unease in the dressing room.

Now from those two lists, there are 5 positives and 3 negatives but don’t let that fool you. There’s another negative that I find difficult to put into words. Basically, it’s like there is something missing from Kalou’s game. Maybe consistency would be the best word to use.

Kalou can be a useful player to have in the squad but a key player? Not so much. It’s hard to make a decision on whether it’s wise to keep him or let him go. He’s a player that doesn’t come around too often.

However, if it was between Kalou and Sturridge on the right flank, I’d have to pick Danny boy.


What are your thoughts on Kalou? Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinions.

The fourth and final part of my Chelsea squad assessment will see me look at the state of our attack and then briefly summarise the entire squad. You can see all other assessments here:




Didier Drogba:

Still our main man. He suffered with malaria throughout last season and as a result his goal tally was lower than usual. However, he came back strongly towards the end of last season and when the chips were down, not to mention a £50m striker in his position, he proved to everyone he is still number one. No defender wants to play against him; he is strong, powerful, energetic and technically gifted. Drogba started his top flight playing days relatively late at 23 years old and I feel as a result has longer left in him than people think. He is the only player in the squad who can take a set piece, but he’s the one player who we want on the end of them! Can he be cloned?

Rating: 8.5/10

Fernando Torres:

This is difficult to assess. Towards the end of last season I lost faith in him. He was feeling sorry for himself and it looked like his effort was waning. However, he has looked sharper this pre-season, albeit without a goal. The summer rest should do him no harm and we have to remember how good he was. I don’t buy the ‘he got no service’ argument – yesterday’s article would claim the contrary. What I do believe is that he maybe isn’t 100% suited to our current style and is taking time to adjust. Am I confident he will fire them in this season? No, but I am hopeful. I think a marquee signing this summer might take some pressure away from him also. He seems to be making the right runs again but is just let down slightly by a mixture of his touch and luck – which I’m not worried about because both will improve with games. He needs two goals in two games consecutively and he will be a 9/10 again.

Rating: 6/10

Nicolas Anelka:

A genius on the pitch. Nico is as graceful as a swan when he is on the ball. He rarely loses possession and if he is given a chance he is likely to find the net. He gets a hard time for dropping deep and slowing the game down, which I agree he does do. However, let’s remember he is a striker – not a winger, he never will be either. If we stuck Nico up front all season he will score close to 30 goals – put him on the wing and he won’t be entirely natural there and as a result the team concedes it’s shape and an outlet on the right. Many people have been calling for his exit this summer but unless he is going to be replaced with a world class winger I think those calls should fall on deaf ears. He is an experienced and proven goalscorer who is helping the team out by playing out of position. World class centre forward but unfortunately I’m rating him as a stop-gap winger.

Rating: 6.5/10

Salomon Kalou:

And we thought Mikel was an enigma?! Sala, Sala, Sala – what can I say that hasn’t already been said. Yes he’s frustrating, yes he lacks decision making nous, yes he loses the ball a lot… now I’ve finished picking his bad points; let’s see what he has to offer Chelsea. Goals, important goals at that, dribbling ability (about the only squad member with that talent right now), speed, width and the right attitude. While he’ll never be a world beater, he offers our team good depth and cover. He scored 10 league goals from the wing last season – that is unlikely to be beaten by a back-up winger in any league. Another one who people want out, and for the aforementioned reasons, I disagree.

Rating: 6.5/10

Florent Malouda:

All I can say is let’s hope it stays sunny all season because Flo seems to hibernate during the winter months. He was the best player in the Premiership from August to October and again one of the best from April through May. Not sure where he was from November to March, although that can be said of a lot of Chelsea players last season. He was our top scorer last season in the league with 13 goals and with the right shape he will flourish once again. A game changing player on his day – he just needs more days.

Rating: 7.5/10

Daniel Sturridge:

Well hasn’t this boy got a thing or two to prove, and isn’t he doing just that. Along with Yossi he has been our shining light this pre-season so far. He’s young, home grown, fast, a natural goalscorer and most of all he’s hungry. Come on AVB, trust him! He is showing such determination to get into the Chelsea side and I know this is slightly contradicting what I said about Anelka, but play Studge on the right wing. I know he’s a natural centre forward but he shows plenty of ability to play the wing too. Let him build up a year or two’s experience of playing regularly there before he’s ready to take up the central role. He can also play centrally from time to time this season in certain games I’m sure. If given the opportunity, he’s the one to watch this season.

Rating: 7/10

Overall rating of Attacking Positions: 7/10

Again I must stress that this rating is a CURRENT rating. 7/10 may seem harsh but it has potential to be a 9/10 by Christmas if Torres re-finds his form and Sturridge is trusted. It will be interesting to see what happens formation-wise, will it be Drogba or Torres, or even both? AVB has some very difficult decisions to make over the next few weeks but I trust they will be the right ones. Overall, I’m very happy not only with the striking options we have but with the squad overall.

I don’t think we NEED to sign anyone to win the league next season, although if I was pushed it would be a winger who can dribble and cross. Sanchez is gone, Neymar is gone – let’s make a move for Afellay or Mata. If the right players aren’t available then we shouldn’t buy the wrong ones who will hinder the chances of our own young stars.

My first choice Chelsea XI (as of 28/7/2011):

I would involve Benayoun and Torres a lot also. This team is in terms of form and this can obviously change. For those of you panicking, look at what we have in reserve:

Hilario, Bosingwa, Ferriera, Bertrand, Van Aanholt, Mikel, Essien, Benayoun, Kalou, Anelka, Torres (not forgetting the imminent arrival of Romeu and I believe one BIG signing).

I hope that any worriers may be happier having seen the talent at our disposal. We have every position heavily covered and we’re being marshalled by, what I think, is going to be the best tactician on the planet (if he isn’t already). So chins up, buckle in and enjoy the ride this season. In Andre we trust. KTBFFH!

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Article by Derek O’Rourke

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