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Relive The Champions League Final

Posted: August 28, 2012 by GaryCRobertson in Cech, Champions' League, Video

19th May 2012. A date none us will forget. Here is a video compiled by Burn Lamche (who you can follow on Twitter @BurnLamche) to bring back all those memories. Enjoy.



Thank you to Burn for the video.


Football and Politics (Part 1)

Posted: June 11, 2011 by GaryCRobertson in Guest, Italy, Politics, Random, Video

A phrase that is heard often is they shouldn’t mix. As if football is different to any other walk of life. As a student currently studying politics at university and a massive football fan, they naturally seem a good fit to write about together. Two footballers came to mind when thinking about football and politics:

Cristiano Lucarelli

Having been a keen player of Football Manager and before that, Championship Manager, there have been many players I have discovered through these football management sims. Anyone who plays it would know that each season there will be a player that you just have to sign who will score many goals for you whoever you are managing. Football Manager 2006’s player for me was Cristiano Lucarelli. Having signed him, he would score loads of goals for me. Being the inquisitive person I am, I wondered if he is this good. What is he like in real life? Having had a quick glance at his Wikipedia page, what drew my attention was that here was a player who had been frozen out of International football for the following celebration in an under 21 match in 1997.

As a lefty myself with the obligatory Che shirt, I found myself immediately warming to this Italian who before finding out about this celebration, had just been a random player who scored goals for fun on a video game. Lucarelli’s celebration was in honour of his hometown club Livorno and their fans known for their communists beliefs. Lucarelli signed for Livorno in 2003, taking up the squad number 99 in reference to the club’s Communist Ultras, the brigate Autonome Livornesi 99 (the 99 referring to the year they were formed). His first spell at his boyhood club was highly successful scoring 29 in his first season, in a successful campaign that saw Livorno promoted to Serie A. He then followed this up with 26 goals to become the top flights leading goalscorer that season.

The national team could no longer not pick him and his International debut came at the end of the season. In all, Lucarelli picked up 6 caps and scored 3 goals. Things turned sour for Lucarelli in 2007 at Livorno and soon he was sold to Shakthar Donetsk. Many footballers would love to be transferred and be able to pocket a sizable signing on fee but Lucarelli decided to invest the sizable fee into creating a newspaper in Livorno.

In an interview with FourFourTwo in 2007, Lucarelli spoke about his newspaper: ‘It doesn’t matter if you are right-wing or left-wing, as long as your ideas are honest and you judge events as objectively as you can. I’m sure there are other Italian footballers who have an interest in politics, it’s just that sometimes it’s more convenient to hide one’s beliefs in order to avoid problems.’ Cristiano Lucarelli’s politics’ even lend to him making an appearance at UniversityCollegeLondon to discuss politics and the state of Italian football.

In these days of millionaire footballers who seemingly care more about how many expensive cars they have or which glamour model they are going to date, here was someone who openly stated his communist beliefs. Who rather than spending millions on cars, spent millions on a newspaper in his home city. One quote that sums up his feelings was this: “Some football players pay a billion for a Ferrari or a yacht; with that money I bought myself Livorno’s shirt. That’s all.”


Part 2 will follow tomorrow

Written by Keir.  You can follow him on Twitter @kingkeir.