Callum Maclean

Describe yourself in a sentence: Hard working, university student who’s a massive Chelsea fan, with a realist touch.

Favourite current Chelsea player: David Luiz

If you were a professional footballer, which position would you play and why? In my time, before injury cut my career short (Not that it ever properly began) I played in defence. However I’ve played in pretty much every position, had a spell up front and on the wing, though now I like to play in the middle of the park, tracking back, and getting into the box to make opportunities. Got a bit of a right foot on me too!

Where do you think Chelsea will finish this season? First. Should go into every season thinking we can win it, regardless of what’s happened.

What do you believe to be key to any success this season? Rotation. We’ve seen it in pre-season, and it’s worked. We need to make the most of the talented squad that we have. Think Benayoun could be vital this season too.

If you could handpick a player from any Premier League club for Chelsea, who would you choose? Javier Hernández. He got goals when no one else could for Manchester United last season.

Pick one: Alex or Luiz? Even though Luiz is my favourite player he’s still a bit rash on tackling, so I’d choose Alex for the time being.

Pick another one: Drogba or Torres? I think Drogba’s got one more season in him of being the main man. He’s a more complete striker than Torres.

If you could block a player in the Chelsea squad from ever been transferred/loaned, who would you pick? Don’t want to see Sturridge transferred. Think he’ll be a big name here in a couple of seasons. I haven’t got a problem with any player being loaned out, if they need game time/match experience or to return to fitness and they can’t get it at Chelsea, that’s fine by me as it’ll help the squad in the long run.

Finally, which Chelsea player (aside from Torres with his £50m tag) do you think would command the highest transfer fee? If Essien was fit, he’d be the most expensive I believe. Otherwise, either Ivanovic or Čech.


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