Chelsea Chadder

Describe yourself in a sentence: Chelsea season ticket holder who’s followed the blues for over 20 years.

Favourite current Chelsea player: John Terry

If you were a professional footballer, which position would you play and why? Right back. I like getting forward but need time on the ball.

Where do you think Chelsea will finish this season? Champions

What do you believe to be key to any success this season? Keep the ball moving!

If you could handpick a player from any Premier League club for Chelsea, who would you choose? Van Der Vaart

Pick one: Alex or Luiz? Tough one. I’ll go for Luiz as he’s more of a threat.

Pick another one: Drogba or Torres? Easy, Drogba! I’ve never seen a better player who can bring aerial balls under control.

If you could block a player in the Chelsea squad from ever been transferred/loaned, who would you pick? Either JT or Cech. I’ll say JT.

Finally, which Chelsea player (aside from Torres with his £50m tag) do you think would command the highest transfer fee? In England – Daniel Sturridge, but abroad – Luiz

Twitter: @ChelseaChadder


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