Derek O’ Rourke

Describe yourself in a sentence: I basically live for Chelsea but I’m obsessed about all things football and love a good debate on the topic.

Favourite current Chelsea player: Super Frank, the man is a machine

If you were a professional footballer, which position would you play and why? I suppose it would be a central midfielder as that’s where I play with my own club team. More of an attacking role as I try to score and assist as much as possible from that role.

Where do you think Chelsea will finish this season? Champions – AVB will be the catalyst to a whole lot of success in SW6.

What do you believe to be key to any success this season? Full control given to AVB, leave him make all football related decisions at the club.

If you could handpick a player from any Premier League club for Chelsea, who would you choose? Has to be Rooney, he’s the complete package, goals, assists and huge work-rate. Top quality.

Pick one: Alex or Luiz? I love Alex but Luiz is our future so I’ll choose Sideshow Bob.

Pick another one: Drogba or Torres? Drogs without doubt. A Chelsea legend, Torres has a lot to do to reach that status, lets hope he does.

If you could block a player in the Chelsea squad from ever been transferred/loaned, who would you pick? Josh, he has so many years to offer and the fact he’s a Chelsea boy makes him that bit more special in fans’ eyes. Not to mention the fact he is a top talent.

Finally, which Chelsea player (aside from Torres with his £50m tag) do you think would command the highest transfer fee? Probably Cech or Luiz, maybe in the region of 25-30 million.

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