Mazola J. Molefe

Describe yourself in a sentence: The Times (SA) football reporter, who tweets about a 100 times a day and is a bit of cynic.

Favourite current Chelsea player: Didier Drogba

If you were a professional footballer, which position would you play and why? I’d be a winger. I am very quick and posses a bit of skill and can take on defenders one-on-one.

Where do you think Chelsea will finish this season? Top of the table – Premier League champions.

What do you believe to be key to any success this season? Rotation, to control the egos in the team. Plus we have a squad big enough to win crucial games with only a consistent back four and the rotation system in other positions.

If you could handpick a player from any Premier League club for Chelsea, who would you choose? Arsenal’s Samir Nasri to be our playmaker for the next five seasons.

Pick one: Alex or Luiz? Alex

Pick another one: Drogba or Torres? Drogba

If you could block a player in the Chelsea squad from ever been transferred/loaned, who would you pick? Daniel Sturridge, he is the future of Chelsea upfront.

Finally, which Chelsea player (aside from Torres with his £50m tag) do you think would command the highest transfer fee? Petr Cech



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